The flexibility, scalability and adaptability offered by Zephyr enables government customers to benefit from bespoke solutions to equip government agencies with a mix of pioneering Earth observation and connectivity capabilities.

Whether a dedicated connectivity or Earth observation service, or a mix of both using multiple aircraft, Zephyr’s stratospheric capabilities are well-suited to be used for wildfire prevention and mitigation, monitoring and protecting vulnerable natural areas, disaster relief operations, border control, maritime surveillance, and various defence applications, whether providing reliable, secure communication or offering persistent operations overwatch.


With an ability to change the mission in a few hours by landing the aircraft, easily and quickly swapping payloads, and then launching the aircraft again, Zephyr provides a level of flexibility that is unprecedented, allows government customers to launch services in hours instead of months or years, and react dynamically to events.

Enabling new, cutting-edge technologies to the benefit of government services does not have to come at the cost of the planet. With governments worldwide being guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Zephyr is a technology that will directly address all of those objectives. Zephyr is good for humanity, while being good for our planet.