See persistently 24/7 for weeks and months at a time with stratospheric clarity and three simultaneous camera modes to choose from

Filling the Earth observation capability gap — eliminating limitations on persistence, flexibility and image resolution for EO applications.

© Airbus DS 2018 - view from Airbus Zephyr.

AALTO's See solutions go beyond previous limitations on flexibility, persistence, image resolution, and latency, while remaining affordable.

See solutions offer Earth observation and analytics to monitor, capture imagery, and gather data about the Earth's surface and oceans. They use an optical system with up to 18cm GSD resolution in the visual band, and an Infrared (IR) capable mode, which provide persistent, near-real-time imagery over points of interest with a seeing persistency unobtainable from satellite snapshots and revisits. The three simultaneous electro-optical camera modes provide:

  • A wide field 10m GSD over an area of 1,300 sq. km
  • Intermediate 2m GSD over an area of 70 sq. km
  • The game-changing 18cm GSD over an area of 1.5 sq. km


Why AALTO See solutions?

© Airbus DS 2018 - view from Airbus Zephyr.

  • No compromise between persistence and resolution: Zephyr's ultra-high-persistence enables 24/7 visuals for days, weeks, months at a time.
  • Early warning of impending changes.
  • Large areas covered.
  • Realtime feed of information available.
  • Ability to focus or move to other areas, as directed.
  • Feed for analytics and further uses such as change detection with ML/AI.
  • Lower detectability and longer service period, compared to conventional drones.

Change Detection

Persistently detect changes in an environment, landscape, or specific areas of interest. Allowing customers to secure and analyse images for changes in state or movement to enable critical, timely decision making.

Change detection use case examples:

  • Agriculture and natural change detection
  • Early forest fire detection
  • Mining and regulation enforcement
  • Traffic monitoring and incident detection
  • Border anomaly detection
  • Environmental change


© Airbus DS 2018 - view from Airbus Zephyr.

Tracking objects and people using near-real-time imagery.

Enabling Government and Commercial customers to identify and persistently monitor the movement of people, vehicles, livestock and other static or moving objects through the use of live imagery combined with data analytics tools.

  • Near-real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • Ability to re-task the aircraft to follow moving objects.
  • Using advanced processing capabilities to increase accuracy of tracking and reporting.

Monitor use case examples:

  • Maritime traffic and logistics
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Disaster response monitoring
  • Land and maritime surveillance


© Airbus DS 2018 - view from Airbus Zephyr.

Wide area imagery capture, georeferencing and mapping.

With multiple ways ways to view the world; up-close with a 18cm GSD resolution covering 1.5sq. km.), or from a wide-field 10m GSD covering an area of 1,300sq. km., Zephyr enables EO customers to view large land areas beneath Zephyr on-demand in multiple, adaptable ways.

View use case examples:

  • Maritime traffic and logistics
  • Traffic management on land
  • Disaster management and response


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