Sense solutions provide data capture using multi-function sensor technology, (such as LIDAR, SAR, radar, spectrometer and more) to conduct a multitude of remote sensing applications, including environmental monitoring, mapping, and geo-location.

Why AALTO Sense solutions:

  • Ultra-high-persistence, loitering over an area or on the move for days, weeks, months at a time
  • Real-time or scheduled data feed
  • Easy re-tasking during mission
  • Feed for analytics and further uses such as change detection, with ML/AI



Measurement and analysis of meteorological, environmental, and atmospheric data and localization of changes. AALTO's Sense solutions can provide data and measurements in instances when the sheer volume of ground equipment is prohibitive to such measurement and the need to react quickly to changing conditions is critical.

Atmosphere use case examples:

  • Weather related services
  • Agriculture
  • Disaster early warning
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Maritime


Providing positioning data and measurement to enable customers to accurately report positioning in key use cases such as smart city planning, often where the sheer volume of ground equipment is prohibitive to such measurement.

Positioning use case examples:

  • Smart city traffic, logistics & planning
  • Coastal and maritime logistics & planning
  • Smart city mapping
  • Backup and cross check for positioning and timing systems


Solutions that enable customers to map topography accurately with radar and LiDAR technology in inaccessible areas, including the open sea.

Topography use case examples:

  • Remote area mapping
  • Geographical surveys
  • Sea mapping
  • Environmental data feed for multisource analytics


For more information on AALTO's Sense offering please contact our Commercial Team: