15 December 2023


AALTO Receives Royal Aeronautical Society Award

AALTO is proud to have received an award from Royal Aeronautical Society, the world-renowned association for aerospace and aviation, in recognition of the Zephyr 8 flight in 2022.

The Society’s decision to award Zephyr Air Operations a Silver Medal is a proud moment for our business, as AALTO looks to champion the HAPS industry and innovation in the aerospace community.

The Council of the RAeS recognised the excellent work of the Air Operations team in the development and deployment of Zephyr 8, with Senior Manager for Deployment, Al Marston, nominated as the Team Lead for the award. Al managed the deployment and onsite readiness of the air system, liaising with flight crew, maintenance, and engineering staff to ensure round the clock safe operations.

The Society’s Council recognised the collaborative work led by Air Operations with Zephyr Design and Engineering, as well as Airbus Defence and Space (https://www.linkedin.com/company/airbus-defence-and-space/)teams and regulatory bodies internationally.

This award was officially announced and conferred at the Medals and Awards Ceremony last night at the Royal Aeronautical Society headquarters in London. Al was in attendance to receive the Silver Award.

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